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- Shows how long it takes for packets to reach host or IP


- Trace the route of packets to destination host


- Get info for an IP or domain

DNS lookup  

- Look up DNS record for IP or host

Port check  

- Tests if port/s is/are opened on specified IP

Reverse lookup  

- Gets hostname by IP address

Bandwidth meter  

- Detects your download/upload speed

Proxy checker  

- Detects a proxy server

Network calculator  

- Calculates subnet range by network mask

Network mask calculator  

- Calculates network bitmask by subnet

Country by IP  

- Detects country by IP or hostname

Unit converter  

- Converts values from one unit to another

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Ping | Traceroute | WHOIS | DNS lookup | Port check | Reverse lookup | Bandwidth meter | Proxy checker | Network calculator | Network mask calculator | Country by IP | Unit converter




Test-net.org is a free network online service which made to help you to check open port, ping tool with latency test, dns checker, port tester etc. Many of technology professionals use our tools like: ipfinder, traceroute online, whois ip address or lookup ip address, ip reverse lookup, upload speed test, web proxy server, mask calculator. Also you can use our tools to check your internet speed, web proxy server, anonymous web surfing, or to check ip location or ip mask. You can get answer how to change ip, ip mask, anywho reverse or use subnetting calculator or foreign exchange calculator, and others.

Ping tool (latency test) is a system utility used to test latency on your network. It measure the round- outing time for messages sent from the host to a terminus machine and the latency. Ping tool works by sending Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) reverberation demand parcels to the target have and sitting tight for an ICMP reaction. The aftereffects of ping tool test are printed as a factual outline of the reaction parcels got, including the base, most extreme, and the mean round-outing times. Ping tool, on that way, figures out if your machine can speak with an alternate machine over the internet. In the event that system correspondence is made, ping tool focus the association inactivity between the two machines.

Traceroute online tool. also known as ipfinder, is a network diagnostic tool for inspecting and displaying the path (route) and measuring transit delays of packets across an Internet Protocol (IP) network. The history of the route is recorded as the round-trip times of the packets received from each successive host (remote node) in the route (path); the sum of the mean times in each hop indicates the total time spent to establish the connection. Traceroute online tool (ipfinder) proceeds unless all (three) sent packets are lost more than twice, then the connection is lost and the route cannot be evaluated. Ipfinder is a network tool used for understanding where problems are in the Internet network. Computers on the traceroute online are identified by its IP addresses. The journey from one computer to another is known as a hop. The amount of time it takes to make a hop is measured in milliseconds. The information that travels along the traceroute onilne is known as packets. If you are having difficulty accessing a particular website or computer, for example, performing a online traceroute online tool allows you to quickly see online where the problem is occurring.

Whois ip address tool is used to hunt and discover data about networks, areas and hosts. This online tool work through our server. whois record contains the majority of the contact data connected with the individual, gathering, or organization that registers a specific space name. Normally, every whois record will contain data, for example, ip addresses, ip mask, the name and contact data of the Registrant, the name and contact data of the recorder, the enrollment dates, the name servers, the latest redesign, and the close date. A whois record might likewise give the authoritative and specialized contact data. With this service you can unite with this server and send an inquiry. This server will then react to the inquiry and close the association. The most well-known utilization of internic whois is for discovering data about area names. For instance, you can discover data on an area by questioning the server.

DNS resolver or DNS checker is the system utility, by which a record is come back from a dns resolver to a customer. Interconnected machines, server(s) and advanced mobile phones need to know how to interpret the email locations and space names individuals use into serious numerical locations. DNS checker performs this capacity. When you write in a space name, the solicitation is sent to a dns resolver, which furnishes a proportional payback IP address. This location is then utilized by all the machines and switches to channel the solicitation and reactions of a client's session. The result of dns checker is the client sees website pages of course or has email appear in an in-box. The two sorts of DNS checker are forward dns resolver and opposite dns resolver. Forward dns resolver is utilizing an Internet space name to discover an IP address. IP reverse lookup is utilizing an Internet IP location to discover an area name. An Internet tool that gives you a chance to do either forward or ip reverse lookup yourself is called nslookup.

Port check or port tester is a system network utility used to check open port of your outer IP address. This utility is helpful for figuring out if your port sending is setup effectively or if your server applications are consistently obstructed by a firewall. Port tester might likewise be utilized as an issue scanner to sweep your system for check if the ports are open that are generally sent. Some ports, for example, port 25, are frequently hindered at the ISP level trying to avoid noxious movement. To distinguish accessible administrations running on a server, Port tester utilizes used to check open port, crude IP bundles to figure out what ports are open on a server or what OS (Operating System) is running or to check open port if a server has firewall empowered, and so on. The administration can likewise catch uptime of a host, if the host is running one of the known OS which the port scanner can examine to figure uptime.

IP Reverse lookup (anywho reverse) is a system utility used to determinate an area name that is connected with a given IP location, utilizing the Domain Name System of the Internet. It takes the type of an inquiry, for example, "Would you be able to let me know the DNS name of the machine that uses the IP address" One issue for supporting the converse question procedure is the distinction in how the namespace arranges and files names and how IP locations are doled out. If the strategy to answer the past inquiry was to pursuit in all areas in the DNS namespace, an opposite question (anywho reverse) would take excessively long and require an excess of transforming to be helpful.

Bandwidth test (upload speed test) is a system utility used to check your internet speed. Speed test meter a rate of a web association by sending an one or more records of known size over a system to an inaccessible machine, measures the time needed for the documents to effectively download at the goal, and in this manner gets a hypothetical figure for the information speed between two or more focuses, normally in kilobits for every second (Kbps) or megabits for every second (Mbps). In this way you check your internet speed.

Web proxy server is a free utility used to test proxy servers online. Proxy web server is usualy an online alternate machine which serves as an issue through which web demands from your machine are transformed. By interfacing through one of these servers, your machine sends your appeals to the web proxy server which then techniques your appeal and returns what you were needing. Thusly it serves as a middle person between your home machine and whatever remains of the machines on the web. Proxy web servers are utilized for various reasons, for example, for anonymous web surfing. This tool is particularly helpful to uncover straightforward online proxies. These are web proxies embedded between your program and the web, commonly by your ISP, and frequently without you knowing.

Network calculator is a system utility used to calculates subnet go by system cover to check ip location. IP Mask Calculator compute subnet system IP location utilizing system class, IP address, IP mask, subnet bits, veil bits, greatest obliged IP subnets and most extreme obliged hosts for every subnet. Aftereffects of the subneting give the hexadecimal IP addresses, the trump card cover, for utilization with ACL (Access Control Lists), subnet ID, changed ip address and the subnet range.

Network IP mask calculator is a system utility used to compute system cover by subnet range. A subnet mask is a component used to part a system into subnetworks; it can be utilized to diminish the activity on every subnetwork by limiting movement to just the subnetwork(s) for which it is proposed, in this way disposing of issues of related clogging on different subnetwork(s) and decreasing blockage in the system as an issue. Subnetting calculator calculates subnet range by network mask very fast.

Country by IP (lookup IP location) is a system utility used to lookup ip location to recognize nation by given IP address ( lookup ip location) or hostname. This tool (lookup IP location) the region, district, city, postal code, scope, longitude, dma code, and/or zone code by given IP addresses or hostnames.

Unit converter is a web utility used to change over qualities starting with one unit then onto the next. With this tool you can change over various measurement units in 78 classifications: length, area, density, energy, mass, power, pressure, speed, temperature and volume... This tool you can use as foreign exchange calculator, too.

Many of utillities at test-net.org became a everydays tools for many professionals. The most used is: to check ip location, ping tool with latency test, ipfinder, traceroute online, lookup ip address, dns checker, port tester, ip reverse lookup (anywho reverse), upload speed test, web proxy server test, subnetting calculator, lookup ip location, foreign exchange calculator and others.


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