Ellp 0.9.6-Manage your PC intelligently with Ellp

By | February 16, 2017

Modern computer systems and mobile models carry out an enormous fluctuate of functions, from serving to you retain observe of your calendar to storing your photographs, however managing them will be challenging, requiring numerous separate interactions with the device.

Ellp simplifies this process, combining many options proper into a single app that permits you to intelligently handle any PC. With this app, you’d possibly customise your device’s conduct so as that it runs the biggest method you want it to automatically. 

The secret is inside the cards

The coronary heart of Ellp is the cardboard system. A card is a simple rule that governs the device’s behavior. For instance, one card might say “when it is time for bed, mute the sound.” This permits you to specify a particular time at which your system will flip off its speakers. You may additionally inform it to open a particular web web site each time you start it up or open your music participant each time you plug in your headphones.

It can work together with fully different apps -for instance, you’d possibly inform it to mechanically receive a duplicate of a Facebook photograph that you are tagged in, and put it aside in a particular folder. Features fluctuate from the general, resembling activating on-line privateness software, to the very specific, resembling a consequence of the cardboard that permits you to mechanically delete any file you have downloaded twice.

Simplifying your system management

The clean, colourful card layouts make it simple to decide every one’s exercise at a glance. They’re additionally helpfully sorted into packages defending primary matters like power use, storage, performance, security and more. Once you have been by means of the playing cards in a given category, you will have your settings in that space personalized simply the biggest method you want them. You don’t should automate every task; you’d possibly merely go away playing cards switched off if you’d want to handle a particular attribute manually.

You’ll discover your system efficiency enhancing as a consequence of the app identifies settings you probably did not even know you’d possibly administration that will save on reminiscence and processing power. A lot of irritating minor modifications and repetitive duties merely disappear whereas you start using this app; for instance, you will not ever discover your self instantly realizing you are out of cupboard space again. It runs comfortably inside the background, sometimes popping as a lot as permit you to know it is doing something.

An simple possibility to handle various system functions

If going by means of your startup routine day-after-day is a hassle, or whereas you uncover your self altering your system settings frequently, Ellp is usually an ultimate help. If you are a person who does not discover managing system settings a pain, it may even be much less useful -but you’d possibly nonetheless discover that there are stuff you do not know you’d revenue from.

The interface is clean, enticing and simple to use; with a little bit of assistance, even youthful system clients may in all probability make sense of it. Overall, then, that is usually a useful system for taking a pair of of the trouble out of day-to-day system administration tasks.

Download Ellp 0.9.6

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