Man Leaks New ‘Power’ Episodes Online, Records His Own Face

By | August 9, 2017

With your full world going loopy for Game of Thrones, one other TV collection has been turning some extreme numbers. Produced by Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, crime drama ‘Power’ has been pulling in round eight million viewers per episode.

After premiering in June 2014, Power is now seven episodes into season four, which is ready to obtain its climax on August 27. But considerably typically for the Internet these days, followers won’t primarily should attend one other three weeks to search out out what happens. During the previous few hours, the ultimate three episodes of ‘Power’ leaked online.

While that’s one factor in itself, this leak is presumably most seemingly the most bizarre to happen inside the historic previous of piracy. Having been tipped off that screener episodes had been out there online, TF went attempting to search out evidence. We found it, nonetheless it wasn’t what we expected.

The leaks embody the three episodes (one complete, the fully different two lacking a pair of minutes) being performed again on an iPhone. A white one. With a damaged screen.

Power leaks: Broken iPhone edition

The off-center nature of the picture above isn’t typical although and extra usually than not the most important picture is each central and well-defined, with surprisingly clear audio. It’s definitely not going to win any prizes for extreme quality however for the terribly impatient it affords some sort of relief.

The massive question, of course, is how these episodes occurred to search out their means onto that battered iPhone inside the most important place. Incredibly, the movies themselves current the answers, with the considerate ‘cammer’ explaining in a quantity of voice-overs how he gained entry to at least one in every of STARZ hottest properties.

“This is simply like the special, that is solely for the these who work at STARZ that watch this shit. My man despatched me your full log-in shit. I needed to pay that n******r though,” he said.

The log-in referenced by the leaker seems to unlock press entry to unreleased content material on That web content has been taken down since, pretty presumably ensuing from the leak. Thanks to the video though, we’re ready to see how the portal regarded on the leaker’s phone.

Unreleased ‘Power’ episodes on the STARZ portal

“That’s your full collection bitch, however I can’t log out though, so I can’t ship it to you. The man says don’t log out. So i’m gonna watch these final two episodes after which spoil it for y’all,” the ‘cammer’ acknowledged over one in every of many episodes.

The unique declare that theses had been screener copies holds up. Throughout all three episodes, an occasional message seems throughout the underside of the screen, declaring that the episodes are “for screening features only.”

Screener copies, in your eyes only

If your full state of affairs isn’t bizarre enough so far, the episodes comprise pretty a little bit of complaining from the ‘cammer’, primarily ensuing from his arm aching from holding up the recording cellphone for such a protracted time.

Why he didn’t merely place it down on the desk isn’t clear. He managed it with the playback phone, which is seen leaning in direction of a massive water container throughout, one factor the ‘cammer’ believes is pretty badass.

“You see, I obtained my shit propped up like a G,” he said, inserting the cellphone in direction of the water bottle. “Next episode, undoubtedly not holdin’ this shit, so that you n*****s gotta relax.”

If this full state of affairs isn’t loopy enough, the ‘cammer’ polishes off his virtuoso efficiency by turning the ‘cam’ cellphone round and recording his personal face for a quantity of seconds. To save his embarrassment we won’t publish an picture right here however ineffective to say, he is terribly straightforward to identify, as is his Facebook page, the place the content material seems to have first appeared.

While there’s clearly no prison mastermind behind these leaks, dumping unreleased TV displays on-line can finish in a hefty jail sentence, regardless of how poorly it’s done. The gentleman involved ought to hope that STARZ and the FBI are ready to see the humorous side. Fingers crossed….

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