Daily Archives: August 25, 2019

IPTV Providers Reject Claims of Links to Drugs, Weapons, People Trafficking

By | August 25, 2019

For as long as piracy and counterfeiting have existed, there have been claims that groups engaged in the practices have links to other, more serious crimes. Over the past couple of decades the claims have persisted but even the most serious legal cases (ones for which people have been jailed for many years) have failed… Read More »

Pirate Site Blocking Boosts Netflix Subscriptions, Research Suggests

By | August 25, 2019

In recent years website blocking has become one of the most widely-used anti-piracy enforcement mechanisms in the world. ISPs in several dozen countries are now required to prevent subscribers from accessing a variety of ‘pirate’ sites. While new blocks are added every month, research on their effectiveness has been rather scarce. Most ‘studies’ promoted by… Read More »

Copyright Alliance Warns U.S. About Pirate Streaming Apps and Devices

By | August 25, 2019

This week the US Customs and Border Protection Bureau hosted a meeting discussing various copyright enforcement efforts. During the meeting, various stakeholders were invited to submit input for the Presidential Memorandum on Combating Trafficking in Counterfeit and Pirated Goods, set to be released later this year. A similar request was previously made by the US… Read More »