Прагляд DNS для праверкі

DNS lookup is the network process by which a DNS record is returned from a DNS server to a client. Interconnected computers, servers and smart phones need to know how to translate the email addresses and domain names people use into meaningful numerical addresses. A DNS lookup performs this function. When you type in a domain name, the request is forwarded to a DNS server, which returns the corresponding IP address. This address is then used by all the computers and routers to channel the request and responses of a user’s session.

The result is the user sees web pages as expected or has email show up in an in-box. The two types of DNS lookups are forward DNS lookups and reverse DNS lookups. Forward DNS lookup is using an Internet domain name to find an IP address. Reverse DNS lookup is using an Internet IP address to find a domain name. When you enter the address for a Web site at your browser (the address is formally called the Uniform Resource Locator, or URL), the address is transmitted to a nearby router which does a forward DNS lookup in a routing table to locate the IP address.

Forward DNS (which stands for domain name system) lookup is the more common lookup since most users think in terms of domain names rather than IP addresses. Аднак, occasionally you may see a Web page with a URL in which the domain name part is expressed as an IP address (sometimes called a dot address) and want to be able to see its domain name. An Internet facility that lets you do either forward or reverse DNS lookup yourself is called nslookup. It comes with some operating systems or you can download the program and install it in your computer.

Зваротны пошук-гэта запыт на DNS для даменных імёнаў, калі IP-адрас вядомы. Некалькіх даменных імёнаў можа быць звязаная з IP-адрасам. У DNS захоўвае IP-адрасы ў выглядзе даменных імёнаў, спецыяльна адфарматаваны імёны ў паказальнік (ПТР) запісы ў верхнім узроўні інфраструктуры дамена арпа. Для IPv4, дамен у-аддр.арпа. Для IPv6, зваротны дамен пошуку ip6.арпа.

IP-адрас ўяўляе сабой імя ў зваротным парадку-замовіў актэт прадстаўленне для IPv4, і адваротнае-загадаў клев прадстаўленне для IPv6. When performing a reverse lookup, the DNS client converts the address into these formats before querying the name for a PTR record following the delegation chain as for any DNS query. When the DNS resolver gets a pointer (ПТР) request, it begins by querying the root servers, which results in an authoritative response.

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