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Spectre And Meltdown Explained

По | Януари 8, 2018

I discovered this nice article of Anton Gostev about Spectre and Meltdown, so I’m reposting it right here : Сега, most of you will have most likely already heard of the largest catastrophe within the historical past of IT Meltdown and Spectre safety vulnerabilities which have an effect on all fashionable CPUs, from these… Повече »

Filesystem-Eating Bug Found in Linux 4.14

По | Декември 7, 2017

Recent information has reported that an pressing data corruption issued has destroyed file techniques inLinux 4.14 and in case you are using bcache to hurry up your Linux 4.14 you would possibly be being urged to cease it instantly if you’d like your data to survive. Linux Compatibility Linux is an open-source know-how and a… Повече »

Why Laptop Data Science Majors Ought to Use Linux

По | Август 30, 2017

Post By Ravinder CIS college students earn a talent set that applies to a spread of profitable careers in IT. Knowledge architects, software program growth managers and program managers are amongst dozens of CIS positions with a mid-career wage that’s larger than $120,000. Compared to different disciplines, job prospects are wholesome for CIS majors particularly… Повече »

The Progress Of Gaming on Linux

По | Август 30, 2017

Article by Mark There has all the time been a silent warfare between Home windows and GNU/Linux followers. The primary one is developed by Microsoft and positively not freed from cost, whereas the second will not be that extensively used, however obtainable to anybody as open supply software program. Linux comes with quite a few… Повече »

Трябва да се използва VPN за Linux?

По | Август 30, 2017

Член Кэсси Филипс. Linuxaria се смята за един от любимите ми източници на оферти за Linux и знания, откакто открих си няколко месеца в миналото. Аз може силно адвокат изучаването на този пост в процеса на управление с контролна група, тъй като е инстанция на стандарта на съдържанието им. Linuxaria се счита за... Повече »

Топ 5 Мобилни Джаджи, Работещи Под Управлението На Linux

По | Август 30, 2017

Статията е представена на Марка на пазара, който завърта Android работи машината след друг Android работи на машина и задължителен Ябълка замени на своите iPhone и iPad производители, това не е изненада за хората искат да се търси на друго място в празник, че те трябва да опита едно на клетъчно раздел. Ние не сме... Повече »

How Linux Has Superior Laptop Expertise And Everybody Wins As a Result

По | Август 29, 2017

If you had been to ask the common particular person about Linux, it’s doubtless you’d get both a clean stare or a reply about an operating system that a bunch of anti-Microsoft geeks like to make use of. Each responses are unlucky misconceptions. Linux has by no means beenmore within the mainstreamthan it’s at this… Повече »

Полезни стъпки за конфигуриране на Linux Mint в компютъра

По | Август 29, 2017

Оценка ще изложи на Оливър. В Linux Mint е един от най-силните и шик работа на системата. Целта на стартирането на Linux Мента съществуващите на пазара е да предложим на модерен и уютен OS, която е лесна за употреба за всеки човек. Най-ефективен фактор за Linux Mint е, че всеки... Повече »

Are You Ready For a Catastrophic Information Loss?

По | Август 29, 2017

If you walked into the workplace this morning to search out that your buyer data had been compromised, or a disgruntled worker had wiped a database clear, would you be ready? Have you ever set preventative measures in place to safeguard you towards whole loss? Do you have got safety features in place that can… Повече »

Why Smartphone Apps Will Assist Residence Automation Thrive

По | Август 29, 2017

Guest submit by Emma. Home automation know-how has struggled to realize critical traction as a outcome of, for all its promised comfort, the present tangle of cords and communication requirements nonetheless has shoppers in knots. New quote-unquote-smart techniques have made enormous strides not too lengthy ago, however not everybody has chosen make investments but. Completely… Повече »