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New Bizarro Sundown Exploit Kit Spreads Locky

By | November 4, 2016

A new exploit kit has arrived which is spreading different versions of Locky ransomware. We spotted two cases of this new threat, which is based on the earlier Sundown exploit kit. Sundown rose to prominence (together with Rig) after the then-dominant Neutrino exploit kit was neutralized. Called Bizarro Sundown, the first version was spotted on October 5 with a second sighting two weeks… Read More »

Several Exploit Kits Now Deliver Cerber 4.0

By | October 12, 2016

We have tracked three malvertising campaigns and one compromised site campaign using Cerber ransomware after version 4.0 (detected as as Ransom_CERBER.DLGE) was released a month after version 3.0. More details of this latest iteration of Cerber are listed in a ransomware advertisement provided by security researcher Kafeine. The upgrades include shifting their ransom note to… Read More »