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MPAA / ACE Shut Down ‘Pirate’ IPTV Service, Seize Domain

By | May 17, 2019

In 2015, the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE), a new initiative designed to target existing and developing piracy operations on a global scale, announced its launch. Headed up by the studios of the MPAA plus Netflix and Amazon, more than 30 international media now complete its ranks, including the likes of BBC Worldwide, Bell… Read More »

US Govt. Seizes Millions in Cash & Crypto in Movie Piracy Case

By | May 14, 2019

Significant legal action against alleged operators of pirate sites have traditionally been carried out with great fanfare. However, a case underway in federal court in Oregon is a very different beast, particularly given its scale and form. The case filed in the district court May 6, 2019, reveals the United States government seeking forfeiture of… Read More »

Vader & the Truth About Pirate IPTV Services

By | May 12, 2019

Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu, CBS All Access, fuboTV, DAZN, NowTV, the forthcoming Disney+, cable TV, terrestrial TV, satellite, cinema. How long is this list? Nowhere near long enough if you want to come close to matching what’s currently being offered by premium pirate IPTV services. If any of the important ‘pirate’ IPTV providers flicked a… Read More »

MPAA “Dramatically Expanding” ACE Global Anti-Piracy Coalition

By | May 7, 2019

For more than 15 years and mainly since the rise of BitTorrent-based sharing, sites and platforms offering Hollywood movies or TV shows have been wary of the MPAA. At any moment, BitTorrent trackers and indexers could find themselves in the group’s crosshairs, targeted by full-blown lawsuits or threats that the same would follow, if infringing… Read More »

MPAA and RIAA’s Megaupload Lawsuits Remain ‘Frozen’

By | May 2, 2019

Well over seven years have passed since Megaupload was shut down. Aside from Andrus Nomm’s plea deal, progress in the criminal proceedings against Megaupload’s founder and former associates is slow. The United States wants New Zealand to extradite Kim Dotcom. However, the German-born entrepreneur and his former colleagues are fighting this request vigorously.  Late last year,… Read More »

US Govt and Rightsholders Want WHOIS Data Accessible Again, to Catch Pirates

By | April 24, 2019

It’s been nearly a year since the EU’s new privacy regulation, the GDPR, was implemented. The GDPR requires many online services and tools to tighten their privacy policies. This also affects domain registrars. Faced with this new regulation, the domain registrar oversight body ICANN implemented a temporary specification. This led to restrictions in access to… Read More »

Hollywood Fears that Stream-Ripper Verdict Will Serve as Roadmap for Foreign Pirates

By | April 20, 2019

Last year, a group of prominent record labels filed a piracy lawsuit against the Russian operator of YouTube-ripping sites and The labels hoped to shut the sites down, but this effort backfired. In January, US District Court Judge Claude M. Hilton dismissed the case due to a lack of jurisdiction. The Court carefully reviewed how the sites… Read More »

Netflix Becomes a Member of the MPAA

By | April 13, 2019

The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) has been protecting the interests of Hollywood since its formation in 1922. It generates most of its revenue from contributions by the six major Hollywood studios – Disney, Paramount, Sony, Twentieth Century Fox, Universal, and Warner Bros. But now, in a historic move, a significant new member has… Read More »

MPAA: Switzerland Remains “Extremely Attractive” For Pirate Sites

By | March 31, 2019

While the European Union has worked hard to strengthen its copyright laws in recent years, one country in the heart of the continent chooses its own path. Switzerland is not part of the EU, which means that its policies deviate quite a bit from its neighbors. According to Hollywood, that’s not helping creators. Responding to… Read More »

MPAA Considers a ‘Makeover’ As It Faces Shrinking Budget

By | March 30, 2019

The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) has protected Hollywood’s interest for nearly a century now. In recent years the organization’s anti-piracy efforts have made the headlines repeatedly. Not just domestically, but around the world, through its site-blocking efforts for example. Traditionally, the MPAA obtains most of its revenue from the six major Hollywood studios.… Read More »