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Australian Authorities Need ISPs to Undertake Anti-Piracy Code

O | Září 15, 2017

Australia has been struggling to search out an satisfactory response to on-line piracy for a quantity of years, however progress has been slow. While pirate website blockades are in impact now, an earlier plan to implement a three-strikes anti-piracy regime failed. Despite this setback, Australian legislators are nonetheless decided to sort out widespread copyright infringement.… Čtěte Více »

Pravdivé Použít Ohrožuje Inovace, Držitelé Autorských Práv Varují

O | Červenec 10, 2016

Various music and movie industry groups have warned that fair use exceptions are a threat. The groups were responding to proposals put forward in Australia by the Government’s Productivity Commission. They claim that content creators will be severely disadvantaged if fair use is introduced Down Under.

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