Sci-Hub Ordered to Pay $15 Million in Piracy Damages

Durch | Juni 23, 2017

Vor zwei Jahren, tutorial writer Elsevier filed a complaint in opposition to Sci-Hub and a quantity of completely different associated “pirate” sites. Es beschuldigt den web-Seiten von making tutorial Papiere, die breit zugänglich für die öffentlichkeit, mit aus-Berechtigung. While Sci-Hub is nothing simply like the frequent pirate site, it is simply as illegal based… Lesen Sie Mehr »

Calculate Analysis of Variance ANOVA with Microsoft Excel 2013-2016

Durch | Juni 22, 2017 If you like this video pls like it and subscribe to channel! Es ist uns wichtig,! Danke! In this video we show you How to Calculate Analysis of Variance ANOVA with Microsoft Excel 2013-2016 FB: Instagram: Twitter: Tumblr: VK: Reddit: YT-Kanal: Blog: WP... Lesen Sie Mehr »

Kim Dotcom Opposes US’s “Fugitive” Claims at Supreme Court

Durch | Juni 22, 2017

When Megaupload and Kim Dotcom had been raided 5 Jahren, the authorities seized 1000’s and 1000’s of dollars in money and completely different property. The US authorities claimed the property had been obtained by way of copyright crimes so went after the financial institution accounts, cars, and completely different seized possessions of the Megaupload… Lesen Sie Mehr »

Following the Trail of BlackTech’s Cyber Espionage Campaigns

Durch | Juni 22, 2017

by Lenart Bermejo, Razor Huang, and CH Lei (Threat Solution Team) BlackTech is a cyber espionage group working in opposition to targets in East Asia, significantly Taiwan, and occasionally, Japan and Hong Kong. Based on the mutexes and domains of a quantity of of their C&C-Server, BlackTech’s campaigns are likely designed to steal their… Lesen Sie Mehr »

Three Men Sentenced Following £2.5m Internet Piracy Case

Durch | Juni 22, 2017

While authorized movement in direction of low-level particular person file-sharers is terribly unusual inside the UK, the nation continues to pose a menace for these engaged in larger-scale infringement. That is actually consequently of actions of the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit and private anti-piracy outfits akin to a end result of the Federation Against… Lesen Sie Mehr »

VLC media participant 2.2.6-Simply one in all of the best multi-format media player

Durch | Juni 22, 2017

If you’d like to play video or music information in virtually any format, VLC media player would possibly be your answer. Media participant and more VLC media participant is primarily the most stable, flexible and lightweight audio and video participant round today, particularly when in contrast with others which will play unusual codecs after downloading… Lesen Sie Mehr »