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Reverse lookup is a network service used to determinate a domain name that is associated with a given IP address using the Domain Name System (DNS) of the Internet. It takes the form of a question, such asCan you tell me the DNS name of the computer that uses the IP address”

One problem for supporting the reverse query process is the difference in how the DNS namespace organizes and indexes names and how IP addresses are assigned. If the only method to answer the previous question was to search in all domains in the DNS namespace, a reverse query would take too long and require too much processing to be useful.

To solve this problem, a special domain, the in-addr.arpa domain, was defined in the DNS standards and reserved in the Internet DNS namespace to provide a practical and reliable way to perform reverse queries. To create the reverse namespace, subdomains within the in-addr.arpa domain are formed using the reverse ordering of the numbers in the dotted-decimal notation of IP addresses. This reversed ordering of the domains for each octet value is needed because, unlike DNS names, when IP addresses are read from left to right, they are interpreted in the opposite manner.

When an IP address is read from left to right, it is viewed from its most generalized information (an IP network address) in the first part of the address to the more specific information (an IP host address) contained in the last octets. Sel põhjusel, the order of IP address octets must be reversed when building the in-addr.arpa domain tree. IP aadressid ja DNS-aadress.arpa puu võib delegeeritud äriühingutele, kui nad on määratud konkreetse või piiratud IP-aadressid jooksul Interneti-määratletud aadress klassid. Lõpuks, -aadress.arpa domeeni puu, nagu ehitatud DNS, nõuab täiendavat ressurssi rekord (RR) type the pointer (PTR) RR — olla määratletud. See RR on kasutatud, et luua kaardistamise reverse lookup zone, mis tavaliselt vastab vastuvõtva (A) nimetatud RR jaoks DNS arvuti nimi vastuvõtva oma forward lookup zone.

Palun kontrollige see suur teenust: http://www.test-net.org/services/dns-lookup/ või külastada TASUTA TEENUSED menüü

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