Unit converter tool

Unit converter is a web service used to convert values from one unit to another. With this service you can convert numerous units in _______ categories: length, area, density, energy, mass, power, pressure, speed, temperature and volume.

Pressure (pascal, milibar, hectopascal, bar, atmosphere, …) Angle (radian, grad, degree) Density (ounce/cubic foot, pound/cubic yard, gram/cubic centimeter, gram/cubic meter, kilogram/cubic meter, tone/cubic metre,…) Energy (joule, calorie – 15C, calorie – international , calorie – termochemical, Btu, electronvolt, erg, …) Power (megawatt (MW), kilowatt (KW), watt (W), horse power (KM)) Length (meter, yard, foot, kilometer, mile, inch, nanometer, …) Mass (kilogram, pound, pound-troy, oz-troy, ton, ounce, gram, …) Volume (liter, US gallon, imperial gallon, centiliter, cubic meter, …) Area (hektar, square kilometer, square meter, square yard, square foot, …) Temperature (celsius, fahrenheit) Speed (km/s, m/s, km/h, m/min, mile/s, mile/h, sea mile/h, mach, …)

Unit converter tool will help you to calcualate all this simply and fast.

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