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Actual Enter Latency: Cross-browser Measurement And the Hasal Testing Framework

Vuoteen | Joulukuuta 13, 2017

Editors Note: This submit can additionally be featured on the 2017 Efficiency Calendar. This is a narrative about an engineering crew at Mozilla, primarily based in Taipei, that was tasked with measuring efficiency and fixing some particular efficiency bottlenecks in Firefox. Additionally it is a narrative about user-reported efficiency issues that had been became actionable… Lue Lisää »

Google Play Retailer Rejects App For Utilizing the Phrase BitTorrent

Vuoteen | Joulukuuta 13, 2017

In latest years weve written a quantity of articles on Apples aversion to BitTorrent-related apps within the iOS retailer. Until today, no fully-featured torrent shopper has managed to get listed within the retailer, not much less than not completely however Google Play has been extra welcoming. The favored app retailer for Android gadgets has had… Lue Lisää »

BitTorrent Inc. Emerges Victorious Following EU Trademark Dispute

Vuoteen | Joulukuuta 13, 2017

For anybody acquainted with the BitTorrent model, there can solely be one firm that springs to thoughts. BitTorrent Inc., the outfit behind uTorrent that also employs BitTorrent creator Bram Cohen, appears the logical alternative, however not all the things is easy. Back in June 2003, an organization known as BitTorrent Advertising GmbH filed an software… Lue Lisää »