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Pirate Site Pubfilm Taunts Hollywood With Domain Name Whac-A-Mole

Ag | D ' fhéadfadh 25, 2017

In latest years, most huge pirate websites have confronted area title factors with some kind, which is most possible pretty frustrating. Copyright holders discover that going after a website’s area title is an environment nice approach to diminish its traffic. Eventually, the placement proprietor might even surrender entirely. The foremost Hollywood studios might have had… Léigh Níos Mó »

Hack Attack by Subtitles Threatens Millions of Users Worldwide

Ag | D ' fhéadfadh 25, 2017

If there wasn’t ample to fear about already, hackers have now found out an reply to assault computer systems although the subtitles in videos. The new vulnerability permits distant attackers to take full administration of machines using malicious subtitle files, collectively with these generally used with video functions and methods corresponding to VLC, Kodi (XBMC),... Léigh Níos Mó »