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Masque Attack Abuses iOS’s Code Signing to Spoof Apps and Bypass Privacy Protection

Por | Outubro 31, 2016

First reported in 2014, Masque Attack allowed hackers to replace a genuine app from the App Store with a malformed, enterprise-signed app that had the same Bundle Identifier (Bundle ID). Apple subsequently patched the vulnerabilities (CVE-2015-3772 and CVE-2015-3725), but while it closed a door, scammers seemed to have opened a window. Haima’s repackaged, adware-laden apps… Ler Máis »

Funding Cybercrime: The Hidden Side of Online Gaming Currency Selling

Por | Outubro 11, 2016

The online gaming industry has long been a big cybercriminal target. Year after year we see players being subjected to phishing attacks and account hacking, and game companies suffering attacks like DDoS and others. While these attacks occur outside of the games themselves, one of the threats we see is much closer to the gamers’… Ler Máis »