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New Piracy Scaremongering Video Depicts Harmful Raspberry Pi

Da | Dicembre 2, 2017

Unless youve been residing underneath a rock for the previous few years, youll bear in mind that on-line streaming of video is an enormous deal proper now. In addition to the successes of Netflix and Amazon Prime, per esempio, unauthorized sources are additionally getting a chunk of the digital action. Naturalmente, leisure business teams… Leggi Di Più »

Digitale Residenti Slam Cloudflare Per Abilitare La Pirateria & Malware

Da | Luglio 23, 2016

Consumer interest group Digital Citizens Alliance has published a new report highlighting the connection between pirate sites and malware delivery. The group says that as many as one in three pirate sites are engaged in the practice, assisted by US-based companies including Cloudflare.

Fonte: TF, per le ultime informazioni sul copyright, la condivisione di file, siti di torrent e ANONIMO servizi di VPN.

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