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Cloudflare Counters MPAA And RIAAs Rehashed Piracy Complaints

Da | Ottobre 20, 2017

A few weeks in the past a quantity of copyright holder teams despatched their annual Infamous Markets complaints to the us Commerce Consultant (USTR). While the suggestions normally embody well-known piracy websites equivalent to The Pirate Bay, third-party companies are more and more talked about. MPAA and RIAA, per esempio, wrote that Cloudflare frustrates enforcement… Leggi Di Più »

Cloudflare CEO Ha per Chiarire la Mancanza Di Pirata Sito Cessazioni

Da | Ottobre 10, 2017

In August, Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince determined to terminate the account of controversial neo-Nazi website Each day Stormer. I awoke this morning in a nasty temper and determined to kick them off the Web, ha scritto. The resolution was meant as an mental train to begin a dialog concerning censorship and free speech on the… Leggi Di Più »

What Acquired Us Into the SHA1 Deprecation Mess?

Da | Ottobre 5, 2017

Important notice: After I revealed this textual content Adam Langley pointed out that a main assumption is incorrect: Android 2.2 really has no issues with SHA256-signed certificates. I checked this myself and in an emulated Android 2.2 instance I used to be in a position to join with a website with a SHA256-signed certificates. I… Leggi Di Più »

Cloudflare Bans Websites For Utilizing Cryptocurrency Miners

Da | Ottobre 4, 2017

After years of accepting donations by way of Bitcoin, final month numerous pirate websites started to generate digital foreign money revenues in a model new way. It all started with The Pirate Bay, which quietly added a Javascript cryptocurrency miner to its predominant web site, one thing that first manifested itself as a big spike… Leggi Di Più »

Quotidiano Uragano di Terminazione Ritrovi Cloudflare On-line Pirateria Caso

Da | Settembre 29, 2017

Il mese scorso Cloudflare amministratore delegato Matteo Principe determinato di sospendere l'account di un controverso neo-Nazista sito Ogni giorno Uragano. Mi sono svegliato questa mattina di cattivo umore e determinato a calci fuori dal Web, ha annunciato. Quando la scelta è comprensibile da un punto di vista emotivo, la sua abbastanza un annuncio da fare perché il CEO di... Leggi Di Più »

Cloudflare Affronta Una Denuncia Per Favoreggiamento Siti Pirata

Da | Agosto 23, 2016

In recent months CloudFlare has been called out repeatedly for offering its services to known pirate sites, including The Pirate Bay. These allegations have now resulted in the first lawsuit after adult entertainment publisher ALS Scan filed a complaint against CloudFlare at a California federal court.

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Digitale Residenti Slam Cloudflare Per Abilitare La Pirateria & Malware

Da | Luglio 23, 2016

Consumer interest group Digital Citizens Alliance has published a new report highlighting the connection between pirate sites and malware delivery. The group says that as many as one in three pirate sites are engaged in the practice, assisted by US-based companies including Cloudflare.

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