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Banking Trojans as a Service—Theft Made Straightforward in Brazil

By | 월 30, 2016

As a known banking Trojan center, it’s not surprising when Brazil’s cybercriminals launch what could be considered “banking Trojans as a service.” In this particular case, a skilled cybercriminal started offering a fully functional banking Trojan and its associated infrastructure for rent, to be used by less-skilled crooks.

This particular threat caught our eye because of its ad, which included demonstration videos on YouTube. Its creator, “Ric”, offers the services of this particular banking Trojan for rent, which costs approximately US$600 for a 10-day period. The service includes a comprehensive, highly capable, and well-designed console, as well as the capability to bypass additional authentication steps used by banks in Brazil.

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Banking Trojans as a Service—Theft Made Easy in Brazil

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