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How a Lot Cash Can Pirate Bay Make From a Cryptocoin Miner?

Līdz | Septembris 24, 2017

In latest years many pirate websites have struggled to make an honest income. Last weekend The Pirate Bay examined a cryptocurrency miner to see whether or not that would supply a viable various. This created fairly a little bit of backlash, however there have been loads of optimistic feedback too. Last weekend The Pirate Bay… Lasīt Vairāk »

Relaxing Sounds of Sea Waves and Flute

Līdz | Septembris 24, 2017

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Belgium Desires to Blacklist Pirate Websites & Hijack Their Traffic

Līdz | Septembris 24, 2017

The thorny concern of easy strategies to cope with the web piracy phenomenon was once centered on punishing web site customers. Over time, enforcement motion progressed to the companies themselves, till they turned each too resilient and prevalent to sort out effectively. In Europe specifically, theres now a pattern of isolating torrent, streaming, and internet… Lasīt Vairāk »