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Cryptosmith Video Collection #1 Līdz #15

Līdz | Oktobris 28, 2017

I have posted thefifteenth video within the Cryptosmith Serieson sensible fundamental cryptography. The video assortment falls into three elements: the network crypto introduction, the DVD example, and the public-key certificates discussion. There are additionally updates to different collection movies. Theynow use the acronym SSL much more, since individuals acknowledge it extra usually than TLS. The… Lasīt Vairāk »

Tiptoeing, Izmantojot Ievainojamību

Līdz | Oktobris 28, 2017

Es izprotu ar celtniekiem, kuri, uzmest to plaukstām un teikt:, I dont darīt drošības stuff. Tas nav svarīgi, ko jūs izvēlaties, tur ir tirdzniecības off, ka varētu iet sajaukt. Tās īpaši apgrūtinošs, ja viens izvieto drošības tīmekļa vietni. Esmu izvietotas drošības skolas tīmekļa vietnes daudz vide, kas pēdējos 20... Lasīt Vairāk »

TLS Interception Thought Of DangerousVideo And Slides

Līdz | Oktobris 9, 2017

On the latest Chaos Communication Camp I held a chat summarizing the issues with TLS interception or Man-in-the-Middle proxies. This was initially motivated by the occurence of Superfish and my very own investigations on Privdog, however I discovered prior to now month that this may be a far greater drawback. I used to be stunned… Lasīt Vairāk »

Superfish 2.0: Harmful Certificates on Dell Laptops Breaks Encrypted HTTPS Connections

Līdz | Oktobris 5, 2017

tl;dr Dell laptops come preinstalled with a root certificates and a corresponding personal key. That fully compromises the safety of encrypted HTTPS connections. I’ve supplied an online check, affected customers ought to delete the certificate. It appears that Dell hasn’t discovered something from the Superfish-scandal earlier this yr: Laptops from the corporate include a preinstalled… Lasīt Vairāk »

A Little POODLE Left in GnuTLS (old Versions)

Līdz | Oktobris 5, 2017

tl;dr Older GnuTLS variations (2.x) fail to examine the primary byte of the padding in CBC modes. Numerous secure Linux distributions, together with Ubuntu LTS and Debian wheezy (oldstable) use this model. Present GnuTLS variations usually are not affected. A few days in the past an email on the ssllabs mailing list catched my consideration.… Lasīt Vairāk »

The Drawback with OCSP Stapling And Should Staple And Why Certificates Revocation Continues to Be Broken

Līdz | Oktobris 5, 2017

Today the OCSP servers from Lets Encrypt have been offline for a while. This has precipitated way more hassle than it ought to have, as a outcome of in principle we’ve got all of the applied sciences out there to deal with such an incident. Nonetheless resulting from failures in how they’re carried out they… Lasīt Vairāk »

What Acquired Us Into the SHA1 Deprecation Mess?

Līdz | Oktobris 5, 2017

Important notice: After I revealed this textual content Adam Langley pointed out that a main assumption is incorrect: Android 2.2 really has no issues with SHA256-signed certificates. I checked this myself and in an emulated Android 2.2 instance I used to be in a position to join with a website with a SHA256-signed certificates. Es... Lasīt Vairāk »

How I Tricked Symantec with a Pretend Personal Key

Līdz | Oktobris 5, 2017

Lately, some consideration was drawn to a widespread downside with TLS certificates. Many individuals are by accident publishing their personal keys. Typically they’re launched as a half of purposes, in Github repositories or with common filenames on net servers. If a personal key’s compromised, a certificates authority is obliged to revoke it. The Baseline Necessities… Lasīt Vairāk »