Земјата од страна на IP проверете

Country by IP is a network service used to detect country by given IP or hostname. This service lookup the county, region, city, postal code, latitude, longitude, dma code, and/or area code by given IP address or hostname (domain).

Pairing of IP адреса to a geographical vicinity е called geolocation. There are instances while you need да pick out in which вашиот веб traffic are coming from. you may have an ecommerce internet site, и would love да know wherein вашиот capacity clients се, pre-populate u . s . а . code on paperwork, display specific language and decrease credit score card fraud primarily based on geographic локација. Or, you may want да combat towards незаконско spammers and hackers, и would love да locate source of a hassle.

even though it could be satisfactory if you want to discover particular place of a traveller, it is nearly impossible да findprecise vicinity of a host given its IP се справи со. сепак, there are tools available да assist identify approximate place of the host. ARIN Whois database affords a mechanism for locating contact and registration records for IP sources registered with ARIN.

IP-primarily based Geolocation is mapping of an IP да се справат со or MAC да се справат со to the realworld geographic локација of an internet linked to a computing device or cell tool. Geolocation entails in mapping IP адреса to the united states of america, place (metropolis), latitude/longitude, ISP and area call меѓу различни useful things.

Accuracy of geolocation database varies relying on which database you use. For IP-to-u . s . а . база на податоци, someфирми declare да provide ninety eight% да 99% accuracy even though usual database accuracy is повеќе како 95%. For IP-to-region (or city), accracy range anywhere од 50% да 75% if neighboring cities се dealt with as accurate. thinking about дека there may be no reliable source of IP-to-vicinity податоци, 50+% accuracy is quite suitable.

Ве молиме проверете ја оваа одлична услуга во: http://www.test-net.org/services/country-by-ip/ или посетете СЛОБОДНИ services (УСЛУГИ) менито
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