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Can An Military Of Bitcoin Bounty Hunters Deter Pirates?

Oleh | September 17, 2017

When we first heard of the concept to make use of Bitcoin bounties to trace down pirated content material on-line, we scratched our heads. Snitching on copyright infringers is not a model new concept, however the concept of on the spot money rewards although cryptocurrency was fairly novel. In concept, its fairly simple. Content material… Read More »

Kodi Trademark Troll Has Attention-grabbing Views on Co-Opting Different Peoples Work

Oleh | September 17, 2017

The Kodi workforce, working beneath the XBMC Basis, introduced final week that a third-party had registered the Kodi trademark in Canada and was utilizing it for their very own purposes. We had hoped, given the constructive nature of his previous emails, that maybe he was doing this for the benefit of the Basis. We discovered, Read More »

Demonoid Hopes to Return to Its Former Glory

Oleh | September 10, 2017

Demonoid has been round for properly over a decade however the website just isn’t actually identified for having a secure presence. Quite the alternative, the torrent tracker has a behavior of going offline for weeks and even months on finish, solely to reappear as if nothing ever happened. Earlier this yr the location made another… Read More »

No, Google Drive Is Positively Not the New Pirate Bay

Oleh | September 10, 2017

Running near 20 years previous, the world of true mainstream file-sharing is much less of a thriller to most of the people than its ever been. Unsurprisingly, it is a main thorn within the aspect of rightsholders all round the world, who’ve been scrambling because the flip of the century in a substantial effort to… Read More »

Datavalet Wi-Fi Blocks TorrentFreak Over Prison Hacking Skills

Oleh | September 3, 2017

At TorrentFreak we recurrently write about web site blocking efforts across the globe, normally associated to well-known pirate sites. This is particularly true for firms that present Wi-Fi hotspots, reminiscent of Datavalet. This wi-fi community supplier works with varied giant organizations, together with McDonalds, Starbucks, and airports, to supply clients free Web access. This is… Read More »

Director Of Kim Dotcom Documentary Speaks Out on Piracy

Oleh | September 2, 2017

When you make a documentary about Kim Dotcom, somebody whos caught up in one of many largest prison copyright infringement instances in historical past, the piracy subject is unavoidable. And certainly, the subject is mentioned in depth in Kim Dotcom: Caught within the Web, which loved its digital launch early final week. As occurs with… Read More »

How a Lot Does Free Premier League Piracy Price These Days?

Oleh | September 2, 2017

Right now, the English Premier League is engaged in maybe essentially the most aggressively progressive anti-piracy operation the Web has ever seen. After acquiring a new Excessive Courtroom order, it now has the flexibility to dam pirate streams of matches, in real-time, with no rapid authorized oversight. If the Premier League believes a server is… Read More »