- Port għodda kontrollur

Port checker is a network service used to check your external IP address and detect open ports on your connection. This tool is useful for finding out if your port forwarding is setup correctly or if your server applications are being blocked by a firewall.

This tool may also be used as a port scanner to scan your network for ports that are commonly forwarded. Some ports, such as port 25, are often blocked at the ISP level in an attempt to prevent malicious activity. To identify available services running on a server, this service uses raw IP packets to find out what ports are open on a server or what OS (Operating System) is running or to check if a server has firewall enabled etc.

The service can also detect uptime of a host, if the host is running one of the known OS which the scanner can analyze to guess uptime. To scan a host just enter the host name or the IP address in the box above and give a range of ports to scan, The recommended scan type isconnect()”, madankollu oħra scan tipi jista'jkun utli wkoll skond il-netwerk ta'l-mira ospitanti, a “SYN Stealth” skan tip jista'wkoll jkun utli meta hemm’i firewall jimblokka l-portijiet. Iċċekkja open-portijiet huwa possibbli jekk il-kompjuter tiegħek,’s esterni preżenti indirizz IP.

Aktar dwar dan int tista ' tistaqsi lit-FSI. Ta'min jikkunsidra li jekk il-kompjuter tiegħek, huwa konness ma'l-Internet, minflok direttament permezz tal-router, ir-riżultati tat-testijiet huma eżatt għal router. Check the port status for the computer inside a subnet is possible only with port forwarding.

Jekk jogħġbok, iċċekkja dan l-kbira tas-servizz fuq: http://www.test-net.org/services/country-by-ip/ jew żur LIBERU tas-SERVIZZI tal-menu

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