Miesięczne Archiwum: Sierpnia 2016

Piractwo W Indyjskim Przecznice Przestraszyć Torrent Klientów, Z Trzech Lat Więzienia

W | Sierpnia 22, 2016

Blocking torrent portals and other pirate sites is nothing new in India, but a recently updated blocking message is causing panic among torrenters. According to a new blocking notification, torrent users face a prison sentence up to three years and a hefty fine if they continue downloading copyright infringing content.

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Jako oficjalny materiał zabił "moralnie" strona torrent

W | Sierpnia 21, 2016

In the early days of P2P, saving money on media was a key motivator for people to pirate online. But now, with the market beginning to mature, it is the timely availability of content in convenient formats that has the ability to tackle the piracy issue. For one iconic torrent site, availability of legitimate content was to prove fatal.

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Nie: Антипиратский Stroje Statek Życzenie Demontaż Nieistniejących Torrentów

W | Sierpnia 21, 2016

HBO, Paramount Pictures and other copyright holders are sending takedown notices for torrent links that have never existed. The notices accuse sites of distributing recent movies and TV-shows. Jednak, the services in question have been down for a year, showing that anti-piracy groups automatically generate links based on hashes without any verification.

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Bezpłatna sieć Wi-Fi wojnach ciepło nawet więcej nieograniczonych planów znajomość

W | Sierpnia 20, 2016

T-Mobile and Sprint began yet another duel yesterday by unveiling rival wireless plans with unlimited data usage. Their announcements came just one day after AT&T unveiled new wireless service plans it said will eliminate data overage charges for customers.

Starting at $70 per month for one line, the new T-Mobile One plan comes with several caveats, including slower data speeds after customers exceed 26 GB in a month. The new offering is set to become available for new postpaid customers starting September 6, while prepaid customers will have to wait, although T-Mobile didn’t say how long.

Sprint’s new plan, Unlimited Freedom, becomes available today. It starts at $60 per month for one line, with Sprint noting thatdata deprioritization applies during times of congestion.

T-Mobile: Targeting a ‘Major Pain Point

In a video blog accompanying his company’s announcement, T-Mobile president and CEO John Legere (na zdjęciu powyżej) said the new T-Mobile One plan is aimed at alleviating amajor pain point for wireless consumers.Citing data indicating that U.S. customers spend $30 mln “overbuying data,” Legere also pointedly criticized AT&T’s recentlyjacked-upprices and Verizon’smafia feesfor data.

As with T-Mobile’s Simple Choice plan, T-Mobile One customers who exceed 26 GB of high-speed data in any one monthmay notice relatively slower speeds but only at specific times and places that may experience high network demand or congestion,” the company said. The new plan also limits speeds for other devices tethered to a customer’s smartphone via a mobile hotspot to 2G speeds, or around 128 Kb / s.

For customers who want service for more than one phone, the T-Mobile One plan is $50 per month for a second line and $20 per month for up to eight additional lines if autopaid. DVD-quality video streaming at 480p is unlimited, but high-definition streaming will… [kod=11]

Zen procesora AMD zapewnia krytyczne konkurencją Intel

W | Sierpnia 19, 2016

Wczoraj wysokowydajnych i entuzjastów słyszałem dobre i złe wieści od AMD. Dobre wieści: firma stwierdziła, że jej długo oczekiwana architektura procesora Zen, który jest zbudowany od podstaw, postawiła “orientacyjny zwiększenia” wydajność procesora w teście. Złe wieści: pierwsze chipy Zen, początkowo oczekuje się później w tym roku, zostały odłożone do początku przyszłego roku.

Firma AMD zaprezentowała kilka nowych szczegółów o nadchodzącym dniu przyjazdu Zen w trakcie specjalnego wydarzenia w San Francisco. Impreza odbyła się w pobliżu miejsca, gdzie firma Intel prowadzi obecnie swoją coroczną forum programistów. The Zen CPU could potentially pose a new threat to rival Intel’s chips.

Przemawiając w trakcie imprezy АМД, prezes i dyrektor generalny Lisa Su powiedziała Zen będzie podstawą dla nowej rodziny produktów firma planuje wdrożyć. The company is set to reveal more details about the in-development CPU core at next week’s Hot Chips symposium in Cupertino, Calif.

Core Features ‘Clean-SheetDesign

In yesterday’s presentation AMD claimed that a Zen-based, 8-głównym, 16-zewnętrzny procesor do KOMPUTERÓW stacjonarnych — kryptonim grani szczytowej — “po prostu świetnie” porównywalne Intel Broadwell-e procesor gdy obaj byli na tej samej częstotliwości taktowania. AMD senior vice president and CTO Mark Papermaster said the Zen architecture has been shown to deliver a 40-percent clock improvement over AMD’s previous generation of CPU.

Zen’s “nowa” design features a number of changes over AMD’s previous CPUs, w tym i nowa hierarchia pamięci podręcznej i jednoczesne wielowątkowość (CMT). ARS technika Dziś zaznaczył, że nowa architektura “corrects most of the mistakes made with AMD’s line of Bulldozer-based CPU cores,” dodając, że CMT już “służy do wielkiego efektu od firmy Intel.”

Zen najpierw jego pojawienie się w głównej bazie urządzeń komputerowych dla wydajnych komputerów stacjonarnych, zdaniem AMD. The company said the CPU architecture will show up… [kod=11]

Kim Дотком & John Mcafee "Konflikt" Za Stronę Megaupload 2.zero rewelacji

W | Sierpnia 18, 2016

Kim Dotcom has made a surprise announcement relating to his under-development Megaupload 2.0 projekt. The entrepreneur informs TorrentFreak that John McAfee’s MGT Capital Investments offered to invest $30m plus stock into the business but it soon became clear that the aim was to drive up the stock price at MGT. Teraz, it appears, McAfee and Dotcom are at war.

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Snowden: Reklama rzekomo dokumenty NSA może być ostrzeżeniem dla USA.

W | Sierpnia 17, 2016

National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden says the exposure of malicious software allegedly linked to his former employer may be a message from Moscow, adding a layer of intrigue to a leak that has set the information security world abuzz.

Technical experts have spent the past day or so picking apart a suite of tools purported to have been stolen from the Equation Group, a powerful squad of hackers which some have tied to the NSA. The tools materialized as part of an unusual electronic auction set up by a group calling itselfShadow Brokers,” which has promised to leak more data to whoever puts in a winning bid.

In a series of messages posted to Twitter, Snowden suggested the leak was the fruit of a Russian attack on an NSA malware server and could be aimed at heading off U.S. retaliation over allegations that the Kremlin was trying interfere in America’s electoral process.

Circumstantial evidence and conventional wisdom indicates Russian responsibility,” Snowden said. “This leak is likely a warning that someone can prove U.S. responsibility for any attacks that originated from this malware server. That could have significant foreign policy consequences. Particularly if any of those operations targeted U.S. allies. Particularly if any of those operations targeted elections.

Snowden did not immediately return messages seeking additional comment. The NSA did not immediately return emails seeking comment on his claim. Messages sent to an address registered by the Shadow Brokers were not returned.

The Equation Group was exposed last year by antivirus firm Kaspersky Lab, which described it at the time as aGod of cyberespionage.Many have since speculated that the NSA is behind the group, although attribution in the field of cyberespionage is a notoriously tricky issue. [kod=11]

PKW widzi zmiana lokalnej pogody w chmurze firmy i programem biznes

W | Sierpnia 17, 2016

As more and more enterprises give up license-based software in favor of faster, more convenient cloud services, the software industry itself is changing dramatically, according to a recent report from the advisory firm PwC (formerly known as PricewaterhouseCoopers). Although legacy software companies that have moved into the cloud are reaping the benefits of the growingas-a-service” ekosystemy, they are also facing some risks.

W “PwC Global 100 Software Leaders” raport, released late last month, finds that the revenues for the top 100 cloud companies rose by 10 percent between 2012 i 2014, z $247.5 billion to $272.2 mld. The top five companies providing cloud services globally were, in order, Microsoft knowledge base, Oracle, Firma IBM, SAP and Symantec.

Since PwC’s last “100 Software Leadersreport was released two years ago, cloud adoption has continued to grow to the point where it is nowaffecting the climate of every software company.Among the top 50 vendors, cloud-based software now accounts for around 10 percent of their total revenues, according to the latest report.

Customer Support a Differentiator

While the cloud continues to underpin massive change, other trends are building on its capabilities to create opportunities in digital innovation, industrial capabilities and convergence within vertical markets,” the PwC report noted. “The spoils go to anyone whose code represents an improvement.

That means that startups can quickly emerge as up-and-coming challengers to existing leaders, the report said. PwC pointed to two companies appearing for the first time on this year’s Global 100 list: Workday, which ranked 72, “is challenging existing companies in the human resources space,” and Splunk, a startup big data analytics firm that debuted at number 100.

In addition to having to watch their backs for new competitors, cloud services leaders must also pay increased attention to customer service. That’s because, “as software options proliferate, i… [kod=11]

Światowy komitet olimpijski pęknięcia na peryskop piratów

W | Sierpnia 17, 2016

The International Olympic Committee is cracking down on Periscope users who share footage of the 2016 summer Olympics. From the opening ceremony, through athletics to basketball, hundreds of homemade rebroadcasts are being swiftly pulled offline.

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Google udostępnia Aplikację duet "jeden do jednego" wideo na smartfony

W | Sierpnia 16, 2016

While it already offers several ways for users to make video calls over various platforms, Google today launched a new phone-based app called Duo that’s designed for simplicity.

Available for both Android and iOS smartphones, Google Duo doesn’t require anything more than a phone number to launch once the app is downloaded. Unlike Google’s Hangouts messaging, voice and video calling tool, people don’t even need Google accounts to use Duo.

Announced earlier this year at Google’s I/O developer conference, Duo offers end-to-end encryption and a unique feature called Knock Knock that lets users see real-time, live video previews of callers before they pick up their calls. Jednak, Duo doesn’t support video calls on any device other than phones and doesn’t support group calls, so it remains to be seen whether the app can compete against Hangouts, Microsoft’s Skype or Apple’s FaceTime.

More Spontaneity, Less Complexity

Video calling is the next best thing to being with someone in person, but too often it can be a frustrating or complicated experience,” principal software engineer Justin Uberti wrote yesterday on Google’s official blog. “You shouldn’t have to worry about whether your call will connect, or if your friend is using the same type of device as you are. It’s no wonder that nearly half of us never make video calls on mobile.

Designed to take thecomplexity out of video calling,” Duo lets a user start a video call with just one tap, Uberti said. It also adapts to changing network speeds and conditions and can automatically switch from Wi-Fi to cellular data if a caller starts a chat at home and then heads outside, powiedział.

The Knock Knock feature was created tomake calls feel more like an invitation rather than an interruption,” Uberti noted. “Knock Knock makes video calling more spontaneous and welcoming,… [kod=11]