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SOPA Ghosts Hinder U.S. Pirate Web Site Blocking Efforts

W | Października 8, 2017

Website blocking has turn into one of many leisure industriesfavourite anti-piracy tools. All over the world, main film and music trade gamers have gone to court docket demanding that ISPs take motion, typically with nice success. Internal MPAA analysis confirmed that web site blockades assist to discourage piracy and former boss Chris Dodd mentioned… Więcej »

Private Torrent Websites Permit Customers to Mine Cryptocurrency For Add Credit

W | Października 8, 2017

Ever since The Pirate Bay crew added a cryptocurrency miner to their web site final month, the talk over consumer mining has sizzled away within the background. The fundamental premise is that a chunk of software program embedded in an internet site runs on a customers machine, using its CPU cycles in an effort to… Więcej »