ConfigMgr Como Você Pode Usar as Configurações de Conformidade para Testar a Home do Windows Substituir a Cobertura de Definições Como o WUServer, UseWUServer,NoAutoUpdate em Clientes

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Quando você colocou na configuração do supervisor shopper para lidar com qualquer gadget do windows ,ele pode tentar configurar grupos nativos cobertura para definir configurações do servidor do WSUS (a menos que você não tem qualquer GPO configurado para definir essas configurações) .Se, em qualquer aspecto ,você poderia ter qualquer GPO para configurar o WSUS informações ,native GPO that created by configmgr shopper will fail which can be logged in wuahandler.log,windowsupdate.log.

If you have a glance at wuahandler.log, you will notice error one thing like under. Group coverage settings had been overwritten by a better authority (domain controller) to server and coverage not configured .


So earlier than you attempt to set up SCCM client,it is at all times really helpful to disable GPO settings for home windows replace to keep away from the battle with native GPO created by Configmgr shopper .Extra details about software program replace troubleshooting

If you need to know extra about Configmgr software program replace administration and group coverage relation ,please learn Jason Sandy’s clarification

In this weblog publish, we’re going to see ,tips on how to examine four primarily used home windows replace coverage settings the WSUS settings like USEWUServer,WUServer,NoAutoupdate and settle for trusted writer certs (for third get together patching) which are appropriately configured or not earlier than shoppers carry out software program replace scan.





Although you are capable of do SQL question to get the shoppers which are having subject with GPO battle ,however it’s at all times good to examine the these registry keys to verify shoppers are good .

AcceptTrustedPublisherCerts> for trusting the third get together updates in case you are utilizing SCUP to belief adobe,flash ,java and different updates which are deployed by way of SCCM.

Location that retailer above coverage settings within the shopper registry is HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsUpdate (for each 32bit and 64bit OS)


NoAutoupdate >is to disable auto home windows replace


Following is SQL question to get shoppers info which have points with GPO conflict:

select distinct sys.name0 [Computer Name],os.caption0 [OS],convert(nvarchar(26),ws.lasthwscan,100) como [LastHWScan],convert(nvarchar(26),sys.Last_Logon_Timestamp0,100) [Last Loggedon time Stamp],
sys.user_name0 [Last Consumer Name] ,uss.lasterrorcode,uss.lastscanpackagelocation from v_r_system sys
left be part of v_gs_operating_system os on os.resourceid=sys.resourceid
left be part of v_GS_WORKSTATION_STATUS ws on ws.resourceid=sys.resourceid
left be part of v_updatescanstatus uss on uss.ResourceId=sys.ResourceID
inner be part of v_FullCollectionMembership fcm on fcm.ResourceID=sys.ResourceID
where uss.lasterrorcode!=’0′
and fcm.CollectionID in(‘PS100140’)
and sys.client0 will not be NULL
and uss.LastErrorCode=’-2016409966
order by sys.name0


Now lets deal with the Configuration item/configuration baseline to create activity and deploy to collection:

I have couple of blogs tips on how to create configuration merchandise with settings therefore i’m not going to indicate you step-by-step . I’ll undergo the settings which are actually necessary for this task.

At the tip ,i additionally connect the exported model of configuration baseline nonetheless you might need to edit it after import due WSUS server information.

In new setting, present the next information.

Nome: WUServer (anything you like) , Setting Sort Registry worth .Knowledge sort: String , Hive Name:HKEY_Local_Machine ,Key Name:SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsUpdate

Click on browse to decide out the registry key


Registry key: Select the next settings.

Click Ok


Click on compliance Guidelines , you will notice 2 circumstances .

f you could have a quantity of WSUS servers ,click on on the wuserver certainly one of ,click on Edit rule,

Paste all of the WSUS server places into the one of field setting and click on on ok


How do you get checklist of all WSUS server places ?

Run the next SQL question in opposition to your CM database.

select LastScanPackageLocation from v_UpdateScanStatus
where LastScanPackageLocation not like
group by LastScanPackageLocation


we now have created one setting for WUserver ,like this we have to create for three extra entries .

For UseWUServer ,click on on New ,observe the choices listed below.


While you’re at this web page ,click on on browse ,observe the trail under to decide out the registry key


Click on Okay .

Under compliance guidelines ,choose Report noncompliance if this setting occasion will not be discovered .


we will create the remaining 2 circumstances in related manner that we created for UseWUServer . All you want is level the registry key to respective value.

3.NoAutoUpdate > SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsUpdate\AU


Under compliance guidelines ,choose Report noncompliance if this setting occasion will not be discovered



Under compliance guidelines ,choose Report noncompliance if this setting occasion will not be discovered


Click ok

we now set four circumstances that required to examine home windows replace coverage settings


Click subsequent to confirm all compliance rules


Click subsequent for the completion of configuration merchandise wizard.

We can now create configuration baseline and deploy it to assortment .

If any of the above setting will not be discovered on the shopper pc, it can report as non-compliant which can show you the way to to troubleshoot and repair software program replace scan issues.

Download the CB Configuration baseline for Home windows replace coverage settings right here .

To import ,go to compliance settings configuration baseline ,proper click on and import the cab file.

After you import the cab file ,remember to edit the configuration merchandise and modify your WSUS server settings.

Hope this information helps!

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