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Appeals Court Docket Grills Cox And BMG in Piracy Legal Responsibility Case

Por | Outubro 28, 2017

Dezembro 2015, a Virginia federal jury dominated that Web supplier Cox Communications was answerable for the copyright infringements of its subscribers. The ISP was discovered responsible of willful contributory copyright infringement and ordered to pay music writer BMG Rights Administration $25 milhões em danos. Cox swiftly filed its appeal arguing that the district courtroom made… Leia Mais »

Cox Nega a responsabilidade Legal para a Pirataria Assinantes, Recursos $25 Milhões De Sentença

Por | Agosto 22, 2016

Internet provider Cox Communications maintains that it’s not responsible for copyright infringements carried out by its subscribers. The company has announced that it will appeal the $25 million damages verdict in its case against music publisher BMG.

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