Коллекция Видео Cryptosmith #1 По #15

По | Октября 28, 2017

Diagram of signing a public-key certificateЯ разместил thefifteenth видео в Cryptosmith Serieson разумный основных криптографии. Видео ассортимент распадается на три элемента: сеть крипто введение, к примеру, DVD, и сертификаты открытых ключей обсуждение.

Кроме того, обновление разных фильмов коллекции. Theynow использовать аббревиатуру SSL и многое другое, поскольку индивиды признают это дополнительные, как правило, чем ТЛС. The public-key discussions now embody elliptic curve algorithms, since they’re highly regarded in state-of-the-art SSL (TLS) развертывание.

An overview and notes concerning the collection seem under. In the occasion you take the time to take a glance at these movies, please like and/or remark as appropriate.

These movies use animation to clarify basiccrypto methods. Extra individuals want to know crypto know-how. All of us relymore and extra on cell and Web safety mechanisms. Apart from defending on-line commerce and monetary actions, many professionals are realizing that their day by day actions require robust protection.

Network Crypto IntroductionVideo 1: Introduction to the seriesVideo 2: Eavesdropping and encryptionVideo three: Secret sharing and public-key cryptoVideo four: SSL/TLS Transport Layer SecurityVideo 5: Defending message integrityVideo 10 (out of order!): Old-school SSL/TLS with the RSA cipherDVD ExampleVideo 6: Examples of weak crypto in DVDsVideo 7: Key wrapping and least privilege in DVDsVideo eight: Enjoying a DVD the manner it worksVideo 9: Publishing a DVD the manner it worksPublic-Key CertificatesVideo eleven: Figuring out Web servers with public-key certificatesVideo 12: Digital signaturesVideo thirteen: Validating a public-key certificateVideo 1four: Who indicators a public-key certificateVideo 15: Delegation and certificates chainingProduction Notes

I used Apples Keynote, their PowerPoint clone. Im undecided why I didnt use PowerPoint besides that Id used Keynote earlier for movies. Now Im used to it.

I export movies in 1080p. Vimeo complains about this, as a outcome of the ensuing movies dont have the bitrate of life movement video, and so they suppose Ive damaged the movies somehow.

I have a Blue Yeti microphone that I exploit in cardioid mode. It actually works very well besides when the canine barks. I dont use a wind or pop display. The acquire setting is on the midway level. I attempted different acquire settings however had inferior results.

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