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What Acquired Us Into the SHA1 Deprecation Mess?

По | Октября 5, 2017

Important notice: After I revealed this textual content Adam Langley pointed out that a main assumption is incorrect: Андроид 2.2 really has no issues with SHA256-signed certificates. I checked this myself and in an emulated Android 2.2 instance I used to be in a position to join with a website with a SHA256-signed certificates. I… Подробнее »

Член Пиратской Android Приложение ‘Продавца’ В Тюрьму За 46 Месяцев

По | Сентября 1, 2016

A unique FBI operation carried out four years ago targeted several pirate Android app marketplaces, seizing their domains and arresting their operators. This month saw the first conviction, with SnappzMarket’s ‘PR managerScott Walton receiving a 46-month prison sentence for conspiracy to commit copyright infringement.

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