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By | октобар 30, 2017

Headline tags begin from H1 and go as a lot as H6 in lowering order of measurement. Они играју велику улогу у оптимизацији шаблон блога. Једноставно као што сам раније утврђено да је претраживач робот чита своје ствари једноставно најбољи начин, човек ће прочитати ово. Наслови, bolded and highlighted texts draw consideration. By default all blogger templates are designed such that the H1 tag is given to Homepage Most important Title, H2 is given to Weblog Description or Header dates, sidebar headers and H3 is assigned for put up titles.
Whilst the precise fact is that your Put up titles are second most necessary a half of your weblog after the principle title. Sidebar titles and Put up description are peanuts compared to your put up titles.
Its your put up titles that ping serps on an replace and are listed and crawled by search engine robots. In search engine marketing the put up title is referred because the KING whiles put up content material is referred because the QUEEN. So if the king is handled with H3 tag as an alternative of H2 tag then I assume you could re-plan your Site visitors campaign.Changing Put up Tiles Heading Tags In BloggerTo change put up titles default H3 tag to H2 heading Tag then observe the steps below,
Go To Blogger> Дизајн > Edit HTML Backup your template Search for .put up h3 and exchange it with .put up h2 (keep changing that for all occurrences of .put up h2) Then seek for, <h3><информације:title/></h3and exchange it with this,
<h2><информације:title/></h2> 6. Save your template and Congratulations for the good change! :>


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