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Cooperative ‘Copyright Troll’ Lawyer Sentenced to Five Years in Prison

By | July 9, 2019

Over the years, copyright trolls have been accused of involvement in various dubious schemes and actions, but there’s one group that has gone above and beyond. Prenda Law grabbed dozens of headlines, mostly surrounding negative court rulings over identity theft, misrepresentation, and even deception. Most controversial were the shocking revelations that Prenda itself produced adult videos and… Read More »

‘Copyright Troll’ Lawyer Appeals 14 Year Prison Sentence

By | June 27, 2019

Two weeks ago U.S. District Judge Joan N. Ericksen sentenced Paul Hansmeier to 14 years in prison, to be followed by two years of supervised release. Hansmeier was a key player in the Prenda Law firm, which pursued cases against people who were suspected of downloading pirated porn videos via BitTorrent.  Hansmeier and fellow attorney… Read More »

‘Copyright Troll’ Lawyer Sentenced to 14 Years in Prison

By | June 14, 2019

In an effort to turn piracy into profit, copyright holders have chased alleged BitTorrent pirates through courts all over the world. This so-called ‘copyright troll’ model was also adopted by the firm Prenda Law. However, the lawyers involved began to break the law themselves. The firm was accused of all sorts of wrongdoing including identity… Read More »