Calclulator шабакавӣ ниқоб

Network mask calculator is a network service used to calculate network mask by subnet range. A subnet mask is a mechanism used to split a network into subnetworks; it can be used to reduce the traffic on each subnetwork by confining traffic to only the subnetwork(s) for which it is intended, thereby eliminating issues of associated congestion on other subnetwork(s) and reducing congestion in the network as a whole. Each subnet functions as though it were independent, keeping traffic local and forwarding traffic to another subnetwork only if the address of the data is external to the subnetwork.

Subnetting an IP network allows for the flow of network traffic to be segregated based on a network configuration. It essentially organizes the hosts into logical groups, and provides for improving network security and performance. The most common reason for subnetting IP networks is to control network traffic.

Traditionally, in an Ethernet network, it is very common for all nodes on a segment to see all the packets transmitted by all the other nodes on that segment, which introduces collisions, and the resulting retransmissions under heavy traffic loads. For additional information on subnetting, see RFC 1817, and RFC 1812.

Calculator calculate the subnet mask to use, given a TCP/IP network address and the number of subnets or nodes per subnet required. Барои сохтани ниқоби подсети, пеш аз ҳама дар хотир дошта бошед, ки таъини ниқоб подсети, ба ҷудо (32 каме) IP-суроғаи шабакаи префикси ва рақами компютер. Агар бита в маске подсети 1, барфи каме, ки дар суроғаи IP-ин қисми суроғаи шабакаи; агар бита в маске подсети 0, барфи каме, ки дар суроғаи IP-ин қисми суроғаи компютер.

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