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Rightscorp: Income From Piracy Settlements Down 48% " 2017

Буенча | Ноябрь 26, 2017

For the previous a quantity of years, anti-piracy outfit Rightscorp has been attempting to show piracy into revenue. The corporate displays BitTorrent networks, captures IP addresses, then makes an attempt to power ISPs to ahead money settlement calls for to its subscribers. Unlike different firms working in the identical space, Rightscorp has adopted a rushing… Read More »

Rightscorp Bleeds One Other Million, Borrows $200k From Buyer Bmg

Буенча | Август 19, 2017

Anti-piracy outfit rightscorp is amongst the many firms making an attempt to show web piracy into promatch. The corporate has a considerably novel method however has issue balancing the books. primarily, rightscorp operates like different so-called copyright-trolling operations, in that it screens alleged offenders on bittorrent networks, tracks them to their isps, then makes an… Read More »

Cox Denies Legal responsibility for Pirating Subscribers, Appeals $25 Million Verdict

Буенча | Август 22, 2016

Internet provider Cox Communications maintains that it’s not responsible for copyright infringements carried out by its subscribers. The company has announced that it will appeal the $25 million damages verdict in its case against music publisher BMG.

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