Whois tekshirish

WHOIS tarmoq kommunal store Internet-bir shaxs mijozlar yoki appointees chekmoqda bu ma'lumotlar bazalari so'roq qilish uchun o'zlashtirilgan hisoblanadi, misol uchun, maydoni bir nomi, IP-manzil, bir parcha, yoki mustaqil doirasida, hali bundan tashqari boshqa ma'lumotlar yanada keng doirasi uchun o'zlashtirilgan hisoblanadi. Konventsiyasi do'konlar va comprehensible joylashtirish bo'yicha ma'lumotlar bazasi tarkib cho'chib. WHOIS boshqarmalari tez-tez Uzatish Nazorat Protokoli foydalanish conveyed bor (TCP).

Serverlar port raqami bo'yicha talablar tinglash 43. Mijozlar server uchun correspondences kanal qilmoq asosiy dasturlar bor, so'roq bo'lishi uchun shaxs nomi bilan tarkib rekord uzatish va mazmunini yozuvlar ma'lumotlar bazasi topilgan bir guruhlarga ajratish namoyon yilda reaktsiya o'zib. Konvensiyaning bu effortlessness bundan tashqari, bir dastur imkonini beradi, va zaryad bir chiziq interfeysi mijoz, Telnet konventsiyasi foydalanish WHOIS bir server ma'lumot uchun.WHOIS lookups odatda maqsadida chiziq interfeysi ariza bilan amalga oshirildi, biroq hozir ko'p variant elektron vositalar mavjud.

WHOIS bir ma'lumotlar bazasi har bir shaxs uchun tarkibni yozuvlar majmuini o'z ichiga oladi. Bu tarkib yozuvlar shaxsning o'zi haqida ma'lumotlarni turli narsalarni o'z ichiga oladi, va tanlangan kishilarning har qanday bilan bog'liq ma'lumotlar, ro'yxatga olish yaptıranların, boshqaruv ma'lumotlar, misol uchun, tashkil etish va tugatish sana. Two information models exist for putting away asset data in a WHOIS database, the thick and the flimsy model.

WHOIS data can be saved turned toward to either a thick or a flimsy information model: A Thick WHOIS server stores the complete WHOIS data from all the recorders for the specific set of information (so that one WHOIS server can react with WHOIS data on all .org spaces, masalan; misol uchun). A Thin WHOIS server stores just the name of the WHOIS server of the recorder of a space, which thus has the full subtle elements on the information being found, (misol uchun, the .com WHOIS servers, which allude the WHOIS question to the enlistment center where the area was enlisted). The thick model typically guarantees predictable information and somewhat speedier questions, since one and only WHOIS server needs to be reached.

In the event that an enlistment center goes bankrupt, a thick registry contains extremely essential data (if the registrant entered right information, and security gimmicks were not used to cloud the information) and enrollment data can be held. Be that as it may with a dainty registry, the contact data may not be accessible, and it could be troublesome for the legitimate registrant to hold control of the area. On the off chance that a WHOIS customer did not see how to manage this circumstance, it would show the full data from the enlistment center.

Tragically, the WHOIS convention has no standard for deciding how to recognize the slim model from the thick model. Particular subtle elements of which records are put away change among space name registries. Some top-level areas, including com and net, work a flimsy WHOIS, obliging area recorders to keep up their own particular clients’ ma'lumot. The other worldwide top-level registries, including org, work a thick model.[4] Each nation code top-level registry has its own particular national principles.

WHOIS customers generally perform the WHOIS questions specifically and afterward arrange the results for showcase. A lot of people such customers are restrictive, created by area name enlistment centers. The requirement for electronic customers originated from the way that summon line WHOIS customers generally existed just in the Unix and substantial figuring planets.

Microsoft Windows and Macintosh machines had no WHOIS customers introduced of course, so recorders needed to figure out how to give access to WHOIS information to potential clients. Numerous end-clients still depend on such customers, despite the fact that order line and graphical customers exist now for most home PC stages. Microsoft gives the Sysinternals Suite that incorporates a whois customer at no expense.

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