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AMD Zen CPU Provides Intel Critical Competitors

By | 8月 19, 2016

High-performance computing and gaming enthusiasts heard some good news and bad news yesterday from AMD. The good news: the company said its long-awaited Zen CPU architecture, which is built from the ground up, delivered alandmark increasein processor performance in tests. The bad news: the first Zen chips, initially expected later this year, have been delayed until early next year.

AMD unveiled some new details about the coming arrival of Zen during a special event in San Francisco. The event took place not far from where Intel is currently holding its annual developer forum. The Zen CPU could potentially pose a new threat to rival Intel’s chips.

Speaking during the AMD event, president and CEO Lisa Su said Zen will lay the foundation for a new family of products the company plans to roll out. The company is set to reveal more details about the in-development CPU core at next week’s Hot Chips symposium in Cupertino, Calif.

Core Features ‘Clean-SheetDesign

In yesterday’s presentation AMD claimed that a Zen-based, 8-core, 16-thread desktop processorcode-name Summit Ridge — “just edged outa comparable Intel Broadwell-E processor when both were set to the same clock speed. AMD senior vice president and CTO Mark Papermaster said the Zen architecture has been shown to deliver a 40-percent clock improvement over AMD’s previous generation of CPU.

Zen’sclean-sheetdesign features a number of changes over AMD’s previous CPUs, including a new cache hierarchy and simultaneous multithreading (SMT). Ars Technica noted today that the new architecturecorrects most of the mistakes made with AMD’s line of Bulldozer-based CPU cores,” adding that SMT has alreadybeen used to great effect by Intel.

Zen will first make its appearance in core-based computing products for high-performance desktops, according to AMD. The company said the CPU architecture will show up… [php snippet=11]