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Treasure Trove Of AACS 2.0 UHD Blu-Ray Keys Leak Online

通過 | 十二月 11, 2017

Nowadays, film buffs and videophiles discover it exhausting to think about a very good viewing expertise with out UHD content material, however disc rippers and pirates have remained on the sidelines for an extended time. Protected with sturdy AACS 2.0 encryption, UHD Blu-ray discs have lengthy been one of many final bastions film pirates had… 閱讀更多 »


通過 | 十月 3, 2017

雖然沒有盜版電影的網站上的稀缺性, 超高清內容材料通常是費力的尋找. 這個 12 幾個月來一直在此入口的一些主要進展, 作為UHD藍光光盤的完整副本開始洩漏上線. 儘管目前仍不清楚如何將這些已被劃破, it was a… 閱讀更多 »